The latest trailer for Unfriended: Dark Web, the sequel to Blumhouse Productions’ 2014 micro-budget found-footage hit Unfriended, has arrived.

The follow-up charts the life of programmer Matias O'Brien (Colin Woodell) and his purchase of a new laptop, which just so happens to draw him and his friends into the secretive world of snuff films on the dark web. In their curiosity, the group becomes overly interested in their findings, unaware that a dark presence is keeping tabs of their habits both online and in real life.

While early reviews suggest the film is yet to live up to its predecessor, despite being described as "viciously entertaining," the trailer above is a taste of what's to come ahead of the film's rollout in theaters on July 20.

Press play and let us know if you'll be copping a ticket this Friday.

In other news, Netflix has shared the first trailer for 'Stranger Things' season three.

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