Uniqlo's parent company, Fast Retailing, has pledged to donate approximately 10 million protective masks to high-priority medical facilities around the world to support the fight against the coronavirus. The timely donation addresses a critical shortage of masks at medical outposts across the globe, specifically in areas where the spread of the coronavirus has been especially rampant.

Fast Retailing will be donating 1.05 million masks to the United States through Uniqlo USA beginning in early April. The masks are to be supplied to local medical facilities through the New York State Government. Additionally, one million masks will go to Italy through the local Uniqlo office in late March, while another one million masks are designated for Japan.

Fast Retailing has already come to the aid of countries and regions most affected by the coronavirus. The company has donated HEATTECH, AIRism, and down jackets to medical staff in China, South Korea, and Southeast Asia, and also made financial contributions to NGOs.

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