Fans of Mario are permitted to get hyped, as Universal Studios has just announced plans which will bring the character to life at theme parks in Japan, Orlando, and Hollywood.

The theme park operator has teamed up with Nintendo for a set of immersive and interactive Mario-themed attractions, shops, and restaurants. Nintendo's Shigeru Miyamoto and Universal's Mark Woodbury described how the parks will resemble transportive "worlds" designed to make visitors feel "as if they had just walked onto [the] game platform.” Watch the video above.

Currently, there's no word on whether other Nintendo favorites like Zelda and Pokémon will be featured.

The same Universal locations currently host Harry Potter-themed areas, which the Nintendo project is said to mirror in terms of investment and scope.

Planning and creative work is already underway, and Universal hopes to open the section by 2020.

Staying with Nintendo, Pokémon GO is poised to introduce 100 new Pokémon species.

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