In today's culture of unprecedented hyped releases, it's hard to keep tabs on the quality drops of brands with less of a voice. While we pride ourselves on plugging you into the latest news from the labels leading the way, we love to provide a stage for lesser-known designers to do things differently.

So, we're committing to profile some unmissable recent releases that seem to have gone by unnoticed by the masses, but had jaws instantly hitting the floor when we caught sight of them at Highsnobiety HQ.

And unlike OFF-WHITE Nikes and box logo Supreme, missing these lines won't necessarily mean having to part with hiked resell prices, while also guaranteeing that you're turning the heads of those who really know what's up in the fashion world.

This week, we enlighten you with three drops to have hit our radar of late, comprised of next-level leather bags, a modern cross-cultural project from Denmark to China, and some three-in-one outerwear grails. Scroll on to learn more about each line, and click through to shop some crazy insider flex.

A.A.Spectrum FW18

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We came across A.A.Spectrum via Superconscious, a Berlin streetwear destination that never fails to get ahead of the wave. It's a label that is highly skilled in functional-wear and performance fabrics for timeless but ultramodern designs, designed in Denmark and produced in Beijing, China.

Of the brand, Highsnobiety curator Nigel Minani says: "This is exactly the kind of cross-cultural project that speaks to fashion in this day and age. Having only started in 2016, A.A.Spectrum has a bright future in front of them, and if you want to be part of that unique journey, don't sleep and cop some of that ish!"

Guerilla Group Ecco Leather Bags

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If you're into techwear, you've probably come across Guerilla Group by now. says Nigel. "What you probably haven't seen yet is their latest set of side-bags and pouches made from Ecco Leather," says Nigel. "I don't think that I need to say much here. The products pretty much speak for themselves; crazy futuristic styles made with crazy futuristic materials. These bags are living somewhere in 3018."

Eastlogue FW18

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Post-modern to the level that it's almost post-apocalyptic, Eastlogue is a brand that champions heritage techwear, and its FW18 drop is the outerwear we've been waiting for this year.

Highlighted by a three-layered fishtail down parka, the new project is dubbed EXTRA SERVICE and is made up of elevated military styles in high-tech, modular designs.

"I knew that Asian design was crazy, but when it comes to fresh new ideas that preserves and respects the past, this is just next level," says Nigel of the new drop. "Trust me when I say I haven't been stunned by an outerwear piece like this parka for a long time, and I browse thousands of pieces every day."

Almost every piece can be turned into at least two other pieces, which goes to totally justify its price tag. You'll definitely be getting your money's worth.

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