Stockholm designer Erik Olovsson has always possessed a penchant for the immensely creative - "It's always a story but not in the classic way", says Olovsson in reference to his artwork.

In his new collection titled "Indefinite Vases", Olovsson makes this as evident as ever. The display sees collection of sculptural vases contrasted by marble slabs. In the composition of the slabs, Olovsson let no minor detail out of his sight - each material used in the making of the slabs were hand-picked by him, hailing from five different types of marble, onyx and granite. The result is stunning in the delicacy of the glass contouring almost naturally to the shape of the hardened minerals.

The project also sees the vases decorated with an assortment of flora, further adding to the contrasting effect of each piece. The theme of delicate-meets-study is immensely apparent and beautiful executed.

The effect of the end result is visually calming and appealing. The range of works can additionally be purchased through Galerie Kreo.

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