Beijing-based firm Vector Architects has renovated a concrete house owned by a captain that is situated on the rocky peninsula in China's Fujian province, and it's highlighted by a vaulted concrete roof that encloses a new living area with views towards the sea.

The geology of the home's location displays buildings clustered along a narrow spine, and its exposure from the damp sea air had damaged the existing building's structure, which caused serious leaks.

By adjusting the layout and constructing a third floor with the addition of the new concrete wall, both of the original bathrooms on the first floor and the second floor were removed from the sea-facing side of the building, so the living room, dining area and master bedroom would receive improved views, as well as more natural light and ventilation.

The additional thickness of the external walls also allows furniture to be incorporated throughout including window seating, shelving and more, while a new concrete window frame protruding out from the outside wall prevents rainwater from seeping into the window from the exterior.

On the third floor, the vaulted and rounded ceiling ensures that water runs off quickly, while it also serves as a multipurpose living area that can accommodate visiting family and friends, as well as an activity space that provides views with one side facing the busy port and the other displaying the serene water.

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