Burgeoning abstract expressionist and New York-based artist Vernon O'Meally, whose work has been featured in Vogue, Harper's Bazaar, Whitewall magazine and more, has now unveiled his third solo exhibition dubbed, "This Way To That Way," at ABXY, an art gallery located in the Lower East Side of Manhattan.

Co-curated by artist and ABXY founder, Allison Barker, the all-encompassing audio-visual installation exhibition, which runs until Tuesday, May 29, is illuminated entirely by black light, as the artist’s latest collection of giant neon canvasses and several new psychedelic sculptures will be accompanied by a hypnotic soundscape.

Created in collaboration with artist Bryan Ellingson, the audio in the show layers and loops samples like Pink Floyd’s “Intersteller Overdrive,” with various bird sounds, and phrases uttered by the White Rabbit (of Alice in Wonderland). In addition to the glowing, oversized paintings presented in the show, O’Meally has created a series smaller works atop the album covers of the psychedelic Rock n’ Roll bands, which he listened to while creating the larger pieces on display.

Overall, the works in the exhibition were produced in a kind of synesthetic trance, even enhanced by the hallucinatory effects of drugs like LSD. As a devoted student of modern neuroscience as well, Vernon O'Meally is well versed in the latest research on psychedelics and their effects on human consciousness.

Interestingly, when O’Meally works under the influence, he does not depict the visions occurring in his mind’s eye, rather, he seeks to create work capable of communicating the mystical relationship between music, image, emotion, and consciousness.

For more, you can view the exhibition directly at ABYX if you're visiting or located near the area.

ABXY Gallery 9 Clinton Street New York, NY 10002

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