Eco-conscious motorists will soon be able to scoot around town on Vespa's first electric scooter. According to Engadget, the Vespa Elettrica, which has been in the pipeline for a while now, goes into production next month and will go on sale online for Europeans in October, with the United States and Asia to follow in early 2019.

The bike has a maximum range of 62 miles and can be charged in four hours. Vespa claims its performance outstrips a standard 50cc scooter. If you maintain four-hour sessions every time you recharge the bike, it's expected that the battery will last 1,000 charge cycles — approximately 10 years of use — before capacity degrades to 80 percent. Although no top speed is confirmed, you can preserve the Elettrica's battery life by switching to Eco mode, which limits your speed to 19mph.

Elsewhere, the scooter runs silently and is host to a number of AI functions, including pedestrian and vehicle detection, as well as alternative route planning when traffic is bad.

A hybrid version dubbed the Elettrica X is also in the works, with a greater total range of 124 miles but a shorter battery life, with power for 31 miles offset by a gas-powered generator that kicks in when battery levels get low.

Official pricing has yet to be announced but Vespa parent Piaggio Group says it will be in line with current high-end models, which cost around $7,000.

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