An amazing new bridge that appears to be held up by giant stone hands has been erected in Vietnam. The structure, which opened in early June, sits among the Ba Na Hills 1,400 meters above sea level behind the city of Da Nang on the country’s east coast.

The 150-meter walkway was designed by TA Landscape Architecture, which crafted the weathered-looking stone hands to seem like they’re lifting the bridge, giving visitors the impression they’re being guided along by some giant stone-god. Take a look in the video above.

According to United News International, the bridge is said to be part of a $2 billion development project to bring tourists to Vietnam. The structure emerges from the Thien Thai Garden and is lined with purple Lobelia Chrysanthemums along its golden perimeter.

The Cầu Vàng, as it’s called in Vietnamese, isn’t the only tourist attraction in the Ba Na Hills, as architecture magazine The Spaces points out. The area is also home to amusement complex Fantasy Park and a French-style village with cobbled streets.

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