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“Def Jam told me to be more ‘active on social media’ so I hope this what they was talking about. I love y’all,” Vince Staples tweets out to his over 900K followers. Ever since, the 25-year-old rapper garnished a reputation as popular public intellectual, a hood socrates using social media to dispense knowledge and roast followers on subjects as varied as sports, music, and pop culture. As his music careers continues to blossom, thanks to Big Fish Theory, his Twitter account is solidifying him as raps most entertaining.

As of yesterday, Vince Staples started his very own show on Snapchat called F*#! That with Vince Staples. The comedic reality program is a four-part series that shows the Long Beach rapper tasking his friends to try trendy pastimes like colonics, rage rooms and urban beekeeping. At the end of their trials, he gives a verdict on whether or not he would “F*#! With That” activity.

From the show to the 280 character limit in Twitter posts, Staples continues to captivate a growing fan base with raw and unfiltered reactions, bold statements, and quick-wit comments. Unlike the Chappelle’s Show skit, sometimes keeping it real goes right, and Vince is the prime example.

Here are ten reasons why you should be following Vince Staples on Twitter.

His NBA hot takes deserve him a spot on ESPN’s ‘First Take’:

He continuously pays respect to Trick Daddy:

He plays ‘Fortnite’ like the rest of us:

But don’t sleep, he’ll give you the hands in ‘Overwatch’ also:

He drops major life keys:

He’s deserves his own food/travel show:

He deserves a job in the gaming industry:

His #WakandaOntheYard tweets are black excellence at its best:

If you’re religious, he loves the bible:

Lastly, he’s very inspirational:

For more on Vince Staples, check out his new Snapchat show ‘F*#! That with Vince Staples‘.

Words by Kyle Hodge
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