July 4th may now be behind us, but with patriotism and a love for all things ‘Murica still in the air, we thought it best to celebrate the legacy of a true icon of American style: Ralph Lauren.

In his long, illustrious career, Ralph Lauren’s various labels have been as patriotic as they come — Polo’s dogged aspirational ideals are the American Dream personified, while RRL’s rugged aesthetic harks back to a time of indigo, work boots and the great outdoors. Many of Ralph’s most iconic pieces were liberally splashed with the Stars and Stripes and larger-than-life “USA” branding — it doesn’t get much more American than Ralph, basically.

Given that the designer has one of the most illustrious histories in the menswear game, we hooked up with our friends over at Grailed, who have linked us with 10 bangers from the archives, all of which are available to buy now via the fashion re-sell platform.

You’d best be quick though — as is so often the way with coveted menswear gems, these pieces won’t stick around for long.

Indigo Flag Sweater

U-S-A! U-S-A! This chunky knit sweater comes emblazoned with Ralph’s beloved stars-and-stripes motif, although it’s been recreated with a tonal colorway to keep things a little more chic and lot less tourist-y.

Polo Bear Sweater

The Polo Bear is yet another Ralph classic, and this sweater comes with the preppy icon knitted into its very construction. This being Highsnobiety, we’d advise pairing this with clean sneakers and slim denim rather than trying to imitate the bear’s Ivy League steez, though.

Indian Head Sweater

The Indian head is yet another one of Polo’s legendary motifs. This knitted sweater comes not only with OG Polo iconography, but with ’94 emblazoned below it to remind you of a time when rap music was actually good. Wear with jeans and Timbs, and stunt on kids who haven’t heard Illmatic or Ready To Die.

Crest Oxford Button-Down

Prep up your wardrobe with an OCBD (that’s oxford cloth button-down, FYI). Extra preppiness is achieved thanks to the glorious Ralph crest embroidered into the neck.

Floral Polo

Fruity short-sleeved shirts are a big hit this season (don’t say we didn’t tell you already), and Ralph’s take on the summer staple comes in a low-key black colorway for all the tropical goths out there.

Hawaiian Shirt

More breezy short-sleeved exoticism here — piña colada not included.

Patchwork Denim Jacket

Yup, more quintessential Ralph steez here. Ralph and denim are about as American as hamburgers and dubious foreign policy. This trucker jacket comes with a contrasting patchwork collar and nostalgic stone-washed finish.

Shawl Cardigan

It might be July, but stash this in your wardrobe for any emergency trips to Aspen.

Beacon Blanket Coat

That Navajo shawl cardigan not cozy enough for you? Cop this serious piece of outerwear, keep it on the low until November at the earliest and may your ski season be the most turnt it’s ever been.

Navajo Cardigan

Navajo print was, back in the day, a prime signifier of Urban Outfitters-shopping basics. This is 2016, though, and it may well be safe to wear the controversial print in public again.

Words by Alec Leach
Freelance Writer/Editor/Consultant

Alec Leach grew up in Brighton, England, but now lives in Berlin