Since the IKEA x OFF-WHITE collaboration was revealed last year, we've been gathering up all the information about Virgil Abloh's upcoming homeware line.

Today the IKEA x OFF-WHITE collection finally drops, and at long last we can get our hands on the hyped collection. Here, we've collated all the items that you can cop, price points, and what we've learned about the design concepts. Read on for everything we know about the IKEA x OFF-WHITE collab.

IKEA updates its trademark logo for the London drop

The IKEA logo at the Wembley, London store got altered ahead of the "MARKERAD" collection drop, with IKEA putting its logo in Abloh's signature quotation marks. Shoppers shared images of the updated store front on social media.

IKEA has only transformed the storefront of its Wembley branch, as far as we know. The updated "IKEA" logo will stay up for the remainder of the launch weekend, where those with tickets will enjoy the full Virgil Abloh x IKEA experience.

Virgil Abloh drops an official commercial

On October 29, with "MARKERAD" dropping imminently, Abloh shared an official commercial for the collection on his Instagram. The commercial gives a look at the product lineup as they would be used in the home.

Here's every product dropping on Friday, November 1

The "MARKERAD" collection drops in stores globally today, Friday, November 1. The name means "marked" in English, which is why you'll find plenty of products carrying Abloh's quotation mark signifiers, like on the "SCULPTURE" bag, for example, and the "WET GRASS" rug.

The products have pretty tidy prices, too, considering how much you'd normally shell out for an Abloh design. Retail starts at $10. Find the rest of the pricing details here.

We got a selection of items in the office for you to take an even closer look at:

The collection is dropping in the UK and Ireland

Those in the UK and Ireland looking to land Virgil Abloh's IKEA collaboration needed to sign up for a limited number of free tickets via Eventbrite at 10 a.m. on October 18 in order to purchase the collection on allocated days of November 1, November 2, and November 3. Customers who have secured a place at their chosen participating store (IKEA Dublin, Croydon, and Wembley) can buy up to five items from the collection upon visiting on their assigned day, on a first-come, first-served basis.

We interviewed Virgil Abloh about the collection

Abloh sat down with us to talk with us about the collection ahead of its drop. "MARKERAD" is inspired by his childhood relationship with furniture, from building it himself to the chair he grew up with. The collection's chair is one of the signature pieces in his mind. "There's multiple layers to it," he said. "It's both generic and very specific. The fact that it has a doorstop attached to the leg is so subtle but so odd at the same time."

He also talked about the rugs: "To me, it's almost like a pair of Jordan 1s: they are meant to be worn—and a Jordan is a piece of art. When it came to the rug, I wanted to challenge that it could be put on the wall just as much as it could be put on the ground."

Head here to read the full interview.

The “MARKERAD” wall clock surprise-drops in France

Earlier in October, Abloh‘s “TEMPORARY” wall clock was spotted in the trolleys of a number of Parisians. The clock will retails for $29, however, resellers are asking for around triple that following the surprise drop.

The OFF-WHITE x IKEA “KEEP OFF” Rug Surprise-Dropped in NYC

Other pieces such as the “KEEP OFF” rug (which actually belongs to the Art Event 2019)  have been sold already. The rugs were available for pre-sale at IKEA's flagship Manhattan store on Thursday, April 25. The "new lower price" tag shown in the tweet below was for another item, IKEA has confirmed — the rug was sold for its original price of $499.

Virgil Abloh and IKEA discuss the collection's concept at Paris Fashion Week

During Paris Fashion Week SS19, we dropped by Abloh and IKEA's shared showroom to get a closer look at the best pieces in the collection. While there, we talked to IKEA creative lead Henrik Most and Abloh about what inspired them, what the term "streetwear" means in the current climate, and why the brands are designing a capsule for millennial needs. Discover all this and more via the video above.

The collection was unveiled at IKEA's Democratic Design Day

Highsnobiety was at IKEA's Democratic Design Day at its headquarters in Älmhult, Sweden and got a glimpse at more items from the IKEA x OFF-WHITE collection. Below, you can see a bright green "WET GRASS" rug, a table, a chaise longue, a coffee table, shelving, and the previously teased chairs and "SCULPTURE" brown bags, among other things. Each item came with a label reading "PROTOTYPE," so there's a chance these were still a work in progress and may differ from the final in-store products.

Find out more about the Democratic Design Day in our interview with IKEA's then-head of design, Marcus Engman.


Official prices for select pieces were on display at the press unveiling of the collection. The table will cost €279 (approximately $320), the chairs €70 ($80), the chaise longue €100 ($115), the cushion for chaise longue €100 ($115), and additional cushions will either be €10 ($11.50) or €13 ($15).

The "WET GRASS" rug will cost €229 ($263), the receipt rug will be €59 ($68), the distortion mirror will cost €159 ($183), Abloh's take on the Mona Lisa costs €49 ($56), and the temporary clock will come to €25 ($29). The "STILL LOADING," "KEEP OFF," "BLUE," and "GREY" rugs will retail for between €79 ($91) and €229 ($263).

Finally, those on a smaller budget can pick up the small brown "SCULPTURE" bag for €10 ($11.50) and the larger one for €13 ($15).

IKEA x OFF-WHITE release date

After promising that the OFF-WHITE collaboration will be released sometime in 2019, IKEA has now confirmed that the collection will drop November 1 at 10 a.m.. The items releasing will be the low pile MARKERAD Rug ($99), high pile MARKERAD Rug ($249), medium and large size MARKERAD Shopping Bag ($19.99 and $24.99), and the MARKERAD Backlit artwork USB ($99), which highlights Leonardo da Vinci’s iconic Mona Lisa painting. It'll be available in-store only across the U.S., and customers can only purchase one item.

The collection might include a collaboration with Jim Krantz

When IKEA dropped its first official image of the IKEA x OFF-WHITE collaboration, it showed what looked to be a rug with the words "STILL LOADING" across it and "Flooring" in the bottom-right corner.

The Americana-esque image used looked strikingly like some of Supreme collaborator Jim Krantz's work.

Abloh previously live-streamed a sneak peek of the collection

On April 30, Abloh gave followers to a sneak peek of the collaboration, live-streaming from an undisclosed location in NYC.

The designer walked us through a selection of prototypes, including a triangular red doorstop, a transparent display cabinet built with the purpose of "curating your own junk drawer," and the hand-shaved rugs teased previously on Instagram (which you can check out in more detail below).

Stating that the aim is to make an affordable collection for millennials, the designer also promised that the collection will retail at typical IKEA price points.

The IKEA x OFF-WHITE collection will include multiple rugs

Taking to Instagram back in October last year, Abloh gave us a sneak peek of a blue rug. Later, images by The Snobette and Instagram user @portnyagin revealed the full paisley print “KEEP OFF” rug and a large red rug with "BLUE" lettering.

Which are being sold at global pop-ups

OFF-WHITE and IKEA have been hosting pop-ups with limited-edition rugs. Back in September of last year, the rugs dropped at a one-off event in Paris, while IKEA Japan held pop-ups on December 16.

Four rugs were on sale at the pop-ups, all which are said to not be part of the wider IKEA MARKERAD collection. are the previously seen "STILL LOADING,""KEEP OFF," "GREY," and "BLUE" models. Browse images of the latter three below.

YME held an online raffle for Virgil Abloh's "KEEP OFF" IKEA rug

It's not just pop-ups that got the rugs before the official release. Scandinavian store YME announced an online raffle for Virgil Abloh's "KEEP OFF" IKEA rug, running from April 3, 2019 to April 12, 2019 at midnight. Registration was limited to one per person, and anyone who signs up more than once will be disqualified and banned from future raffles. However, The winner had to purchase the rug and pick up it up from IKEA Slependen or IKEA Furuset, so this one was only for those in Norway.

There also might be an OFF-WHITE x IKEA FRAKTA bag

When the collaboration was first announced in June 2017, IKEA shared an image of Abloh with a yellow FRAKTA-style bag prototype reading "SCULPTURE."

As the image was taken in the Prototype Lab, it remains to be seen whether Abloh will go ahead with this particular design, but after Balenciaga released its own take on the iconic bag, it would be surprising if OFF-WHITE didn't use this opportunity to do the same.

It's aimed at millennials moving into their first home

On its website, IKEA announced that “together, IKEA and OFF-WHITE look for ways to help create a home for millennials who are just starting out their lives.”

Abloh added in a statement, “We’re looking at that first phase of adult life, when you start making purchases for your space. Largely people grow up in their parents’ environment. They’ve never had to consider furniture. Then when they’re off on their own and have their own aesthetic, what are their first purchases? I’m interested in thinking about how those purchases are informed.”

Issue 10 of System magazine got a look at the IKEA x OFF-WHITE collab

Known for continually pushing the envelope and offering some of the world’s most concise, dynamic reports on a variety of hot topics, issue 10 of System magazine came as no exception.

Having put 2017 poster boy Abloh on four covers, all shot by renowned German photographer Juergen Teller, System spent a six months with Abloh for its feature, in which it featured conversations between the OFF-WHITE leader and creatives such as Hans Ulrich Obrist and architect Rem Koolhaas.

Below, you can check out a few pages from the issue, which gave the most detailed look at Abloh’s collaboration with IKEA at that point. More information can also be found on the System magazine website.

In other Virgil Abloh news, here is the complete buyers guide to every Nike x OFF-WHITE release

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