OFF-WHITE is working on a collaboration with the e-cigarette brand Juul, according to a report by Mixmag published today, April 1.

“I’ve always been interested in how people inhale and exhale," Abloh told Mixmag, not unrealistically. "I see it as the most primal form of expression. So for me, doing something with Juul was an obvious move."

The idea for the $1,500 e-cigarette collab came to the designer when a fan asked him to sign a Juul after a DJ set. “I signed the word "Juul" in quotation marks and everything clicked,” he said, according to Mixmag.

Of course, if the April 1 publication date and Abloh saying “The color of the vape smoke will of course be OFF-WHITE” don't scream "April Fool," you can keep on waiting for the Juul collab to appear — just don't hold your breath.

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