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Virgil Abloh has written an op-ed for the New York Times making the argument that “to believe that you have power is to have it.”

In the article titled “The Myth That Defines Our Age,” Abloh says that social media has eliminated the old power structures and that the internet generation has “been graced with equity at birth.”

“Platforms of self-generated media are home to these new generations, whose self-earned influence has given birth to a new species of power that has less to do with silver spoons or nepotism, and everything to do with the numbers that quantify influence,” Abloh writes.

The op-ed is part of a special section of The Times’s philosophy series, The Stone, where thinkers and writers answer the question, “What is power?” read the full series here, and see how Abloh’s response compares to writers like Cornel West and Elena Ferrante.


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