New publishing company VISCOUS has dipped its toes into the occult with a spooky and very NSFW publication titled Cult Classic.

The magazine explores the phenomena behind physical, worship-influenced cults, which proliferated during the late '60s and '70s, and has been designed with a drug-induced aesthetic in mind.

A photo story about a kidnapped young actress runs throughout the 'zine, with models Bodhi Rose, Zanah Marie, Diandra Godiva and Ana Corbi cast as the "Cult of the Femme." Elsewhere, photographer Madison Kreiger contributes saturated, highly cinematic images, while there's a range of probing essays by the likes of cultural historian Laura Mcklaw Helms and writer and photographer Stacey Mar.

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Buy the magazine at the VISCOUS website here. The initial release will be limited to just 250 copies.

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