Every so often a counter-cultural symbol crosses over into the mainstream and ends up plastered on people who have no idea what they’re even wearing. This fate has befallen the anarchy symbol, graffiti, Black Flag and Slayer merch in recent years, and it appears that we can now add Thrasher to that list as well, thanks to the iconic skate brand’s inexplicable popularity with supermodels and other fashion victims.

Binx Walton, Lexi Boling, Cristina Hermann and even Rihanna have been spotted in Thrasher wares as of late, so famed fashion tome, Vogue, has taken it upon themselves to investigate where this phenomenon came from. Like white suburban kids with a penchant for baggy jeans and doo-rags, it has a lot to do with escapism – because after all, grazed flesh and broken bones are never en-vogue on the catwalk… ever.

Head over to Vogue for the extended read.

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  • Photo: TK / Splash News
Words by Aleks Eror