Despite almost a complete lack of publicity and self-promotion, kids from as far afield as Tokyo and London are placing orders for clothing from a fresh new label called Washing Machine.

The mysterious brand appears to be relatively new, but its concept looks to be rooted in the 1990s — in fact, it's just released its "FW93" collection. The colorful assortment features a barrage of T-shirts that pay homage to those put out by classic '90s rave, skate and streetwear labels.


Apparently, the brand's name was inspired by a brief period Sonic Youth went through in 1993 in which they started to experiment with a new sound, and even considered starting another band altogether called Washing Machine. They never did, but later put out an album titled Washing Machine in 1995.

The T-shirts are priced at $24.95, set appropriately similar to those of 1993. Check out the lookbook above, and head over the brand's web store to cop.

In other fashion news, Stussy and Naked just dropped a women’s underwear collection.

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