It’s not uncommon for rappers to spit bars about what they’re drinking, there are at least a dozen music videos sponsored by Hennessy, Grey Goose and the like. Same goes for what rappers are wearing, as you can see in our recent list of The 15 Most Fashionable Rap Songs Named After Designers. But what about smell? Montreal’s Wasiu thinks the olfactory sense is often cast off to the side like last season’s sneakers.

In his latest song “Cigarettes & Poutine,” the emerging rapper describes the sights and smells of his hometown of Montreal, Canada, and how after a typical Saturday night he’ll return home reeking of smoke and the city’s favorite drunk delicacy, poutine. Stream our exclusive premiere below.

Wasiu had this to say about his new track, featuring local triple threat singer/MC/rapper Basics assisting on vocal duties with production by Planet Giza:

"When describing environments the olfactory sense is often neglected. Everybody wanna talk about how shit looks or how shit sounds but rarely do we pay attention to how it smells. Years ago I was on my way back from Toronto and as soon as I came off the bus I tweeted my first thoughts which were "It smells like cigarettes and poutine, home sweet home." Anyone who lives here has come home smelling like they bathed in a pool of sin made of cigarettes, weed, booze, Poutine, cheap perfume, cheaper food and a whole lotta bad decisions. This song is about a regular Saturday night on Saint Laurent that my mother smelled on my clothes." For more of our premieres, we got the exclusive on NERVO's bubbly new video for "Champagne" featuring Chief Keef. Check it out right here.

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