Not long after posting an apology for his "Suicide Forest" video, YouTube star Logan Paul is under fire once again following the release of a series of videos depicting the viral star running amok in Japan.

In the recently resurfaced video titled "Real Life Pokemon in Tokyo," Paul and friends can be seen throwing Poké Balls at passersby, including commuters and policemen. In the same video, the YouTube star proceeds to drop his trousers in the middle of a busy street.

In a further two videos, "We Fought in the Middle of Tokyo" and "Kicked out of  Japan," Paul continues to run riot in Tokyo. Wearing traditional forms of Japanese attire, Paul harasses bystanders with fresh fish and squid, eventually leaving them atop a moving taxi. The star then intentionally breaks a Game Boy and tries to return it, describing the console as “mucho brokeno.”

Since being uploaded, the three videos have been compiled into one, depicting the worst of Paul's behavior; which you can check out above. As expected, the viral star received a fresh wave of criticism from viewers, with one commenter stating, "It is tasteless and meaningless. His behavior is very disappointing.”

Since the release of the videos, Paul announced he was taking a break from YouTube, in order to “reflect.”

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