Apple has finally released a waterproof iPhone (well, more like water resistant) for the very first time, but don’t expect people in Japan to be too impressed. According to Mashablepeople in the East Asian country have been able to take their phones for a swim for almost a decade now, with some reports suggesting that as many as 95 percent of all devices in the country are waterproof.

Apparently, the bizarre reason why manufacturers had to make phones waterproof is because Japanese women were so attached to their phones that they wanted to take them into the shower. As a result, nearly every phone in the Japanese market has to be waterproof to meet what is now a “standard expectation.”

Ken Hong, global communications director of Korea’s LG (which doesn’t make — and doesn’t plan to make — its phones waterproof for the global market, but has been doing so in Japan), told Mashable“In Japan, being waterproof is far more important than being able to remove your phone’s battery. For a smaller Korean brand like LG, we need to be able to check all the key boxes to be as attractive as possible to Japanese consumers.”

He also said that if, as it appears, demand for waterproofing continues to grow in the West the same way it has in Japan, then companies will have to find a cost-effective solution. “If the rest of the world trends the same way, we’ll have to figure out a way to make waterproofing and modular parts coexist (at an acceptable cost) — or choose which one is more important to us,” said Hong. Read the full story here.

In other tech news, Apple’s new MacBook Pro lets you skip YouTube ads using the touch bar.

Words by Daniel Pearson
Life Editor

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