Recreational marijuana is now legal in California, which means lighting up is easier than ever before. As new strains of weed continue to enter the market, choosing the best option for you can be a pretty daunting prospect.

While dispensaries and clinics are on hand to help, leading cannabis business intelligence firm BDS Analytics has shared some of its predictions for what Californians are likely to purchase in the new year.

BDS tracks retail sales activity and dispensaries in multiple markets, including California, and has already witnessed the transition to recreational sales in several states including Colorado and Oregon. Using this data, the firm has generated some informed insights as to where California's pot market may be a year from now.


Edibles are likely to experience the biggest growth in the new year, accounting for a reported 13 percent of dispensary sales. While candy is predicted to top the list with up to 40 percent of transactions, chocolates fall not too far behind at an estimated 23 - 25 percent. BDS also predicts that tinctures will share around 17 percent of edible sales.

However infused foods, which include baked goods such as brownies and cookies, could face challenges as new limits on dosing and strength could impact sales. As other subcategories grow, infused foods are predicted to come in at 10-12 percent of edible sales.


Concentrates are predicted to account for 25 - 28 percent of sales in 2018. BDS believes that Vape is likely to cover a staggering 64 - 66 percent of all concentrate sales, which is the only subcategory within concentrates to reach double-digits. As more stringent testing requirements are set to be implemented throughout the year, users could potentially see a rise in dabbable concentrates such as live resin, oils, shatter, and wax.


The flower market is expected to grow somewhat but see a decline in relation to other methods as more users opt for concentrates and other alternatives. Depending on the rate for prices, BDS anticipates that flowers will likely contribute 49 - 51 percent of 2018 sales. Similarly, pre-rolled joints will contribute around 6 - 7 percent of sales, again depending on the price rate of flowers.


Last but not least on the list are topicals. While still a major category, the market for these medicated products will largely be unaffected, according to the data. They're predicted to account for 3 percent of the market.

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