New York artist Wes Lang's work consists of pencil drawings, sketches and paintings collaged with glued on cut outs of newspapers and porn magazines. Dominant are skulls, bones and symbols of death combined with images of Native Indian culture like birds, buffalos and feathered headdresses. Working at a tattoo shop after finishing high school education, his style is noticeably influenced by tattoo art. From his later employment at the Guggenheim Museum where he assisted installing exhibitions he says he "figured out how all the bullshit works".

We wrote about Wes Lang's  ‘Life And How To Live It’ exhibition at Copenhagen’s V1 Gallery last year. Today you can get your Wes Lang limited edition "Warrior Skull" print, the centerpiece of the new Grateful Dead boxed set Spring 1990, at The Pancake Epidemic.

Wes Lang is represented by Zieher Smith Gallery.

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