We’ve all been there. Exhausted with the grasp Facebook has on our lives, appalled at the privacy violations, and yet – more often than not – we still end up using it, unable to quit. The video above, courtesy of Vox, puts that down the network effect.

The easiest way to explain the network effect is by imagining a fax machine. On its own, it’s completely useless but the more fax machines there are in the world, the more useful it becomes as a means of communication. The same goes for Facebook.

According to the video, Facebook has too many people and features we use in our daily lives to convince us to delete it. In fact, getting rid of Facebook would be a nuisance not just to ourselves, but those around us too, argues Vox.

Watch the video above and let us know your thoughts on the network effect in the comments.

In other news, Yodel Kid Mason Ramsey performed on ‘Ellen’ cementing his place in our hearts. Watch it here.

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