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On this week’s episode of our new podcast series Why It’s Cool, Highsnobiety footwear staff writer Fabian Gorsler explores the mysterious allure of succulents, specifically cacti. Yes, you read that right — we’re talking cactuses, and not just in a Travis Scott way.

These days you can’t walk into a dorm room or bachelor pad without seeing at least one cactus, likely bought at IKEA — a green little critter that screams, “Yeah, I know how to adult.” But if you thought sneakers resold for absurd amounts, just wait until you hear how much a rare, one-of-one cactus goes for on the black market. And did you ever hear about the hallucinogenic cactus that causes everyone who takes it to cut off their thumb, without fail?

In his quest to understand the humble cactus’ current pop-culture moment — and become Highsnobiety’s first-ever (and probably only ever) cactus expert — Fabian speaks to Antonio and Ralph of New York City florist PlantShed, as well as Max, Carlos, and Christian of the Cactus Store in Los Angeles. Together they embark on a journey that takes them on a wild ride through the history of cacti, their hallucinogenic properties, and the modern-day phenomenon of cactus poaching.

Listen to the full episode above, and stay tuned for a new episode of Why It’s Cool next week.

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  • Director of Editorial Video and Production, North America: J. Andrew Keegan
  • Editorial Director: Jian DeLeon
  • Host: Fabian Gorsler
  • Producer/Editor: Sonia Manalili
  • Guests: Max Martin, Carlos Morera, Christian Cummings and Antonio Roche

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