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Wiley has finally responded to Skepta‘s diss track “Wish You Were Here” from earlier in the month.

Called “Don’t Bread Me,” the track is a blistering take down of Skepta. Wiley mentions his former friend’s legal troubles in Australia, as well as saying he had his reasons for not showing up, and that Skepta himself “never come[s] to [Wiley’s] house.”

Wiley also claims “If Dan never made ‘German Whip,’ you’d be right back there at the back of the line,” a reference to a remix of Meridian Dan’s 2016 song, featuring Skepta. The slaughter continues with lines such as “You made JME stop” (a reference to JME not releasing music since 2015), “You gotta stop with all this, clout chasing, that’s what we call this” as well as calling Skepta a “snake” and a “fame whore.”

The song continues with Wiley claiming Skepta has him to thank for where he is today: “Remember when Wiley told you to pick up the mic? Good, I hope you never forget… How are you gonna say that I’m ungrateful, when you’re the one who was using me?” Finally, he reveals he has no intention of forgiving or forgetting, saying “I don’t wanna squash any beef with you.”

“Wish You Were Here” was a response to Wiley’s “Flip the Table,” the November diss track that started the beef.

Wiley has so far only made the track available on SendSpace, which seems to be a deliberate choice, as a fan on Twitter said, “Using SendSpace to send for someone, I rate that 😂.”

Hopefully it’s available to stream soon, but in the meantime a good samaritan has uploaded it to SoundCloud. Stream it below.

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