Canadian label wings+horns are launching a new collection called Kyoto Black, based on the culture of black and the idea that black is absolute. It’s the color of subtlety, silhouette and shadow, darkness and night, and also the color chosen for formality and dignity. Black is timeless and eternal.

Kyoto Black was created in partnership between wings+horns and Kyoto Montsuki Company, a 4th generation family business who has worked with black – and only black – since 1915. Kyoto Montsuki Co.’s dye process evolved through a competition to produce the blackest Japanese formal wear possible. This competition between dye houses led Japan to be regarded as global experts in black oxide finishes. In 1996, Kyoto Montsuki Co. created a new ecologically sound dying technique that is non-toxic and colorfast in both sun and rain.

Built on the value of process, technique and expertise, and creating something with meaning through the spirit of black, the Kyoto Black collection is is comprised of classic Canadian-made French Terry crewnecks and sweatpants, alongside Japanese-made trucker jackets and 5-pocket pants. Each piece is hand-dyed in Japan, further representing the culture of quality and attention to detail that the partnership was established around.

To fully express the handcrafted quality of the collection, wings+horns worked with art book publisher, Brick Press, who are best known for hand-printing and binding art-zines on their 2 color press. In this short video, Ryan Smith of Brick Press is seen printing the limited edition Kyoto Black book that is included with each order, while supplies last.

The collection is extremely limited and available now on and at select retailers worldwide.

Editor-In-Chief, Highsnobiety Magazine

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