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Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss may not have their names officially attached to Facebook, but they have turned $11 million USD of their $65 million USD payout into more than $1 billion USD thanks to Bitcoin. The twins took the aforementioned $11 million USD from their Facebook lawsuit and invested the amount into the cryptocurrency back in 2013.

As of last week, Bitcoin was trading at $11,100 USD, allowing the Winklevoss’ impressive portfolio to surpass the billion dollar mark. Since their initial investment when the currency was trading at roughly $120 USD, the stock has risen over 10,000 percent.

According to The Telegraph, the Winklevoss twins have yet to sell a single Bitcoin, as they join a very select few whose Bitcoin portfolios have reached that of $1 billion USD. Back in 2015, Tyler Winklevoss told CNNMoney: “If Bitcoin is a better gold or seen as a type of gold-like asset, then it could be in the trillions on a market cap. We do feel those are very real possibilities.”

Will the investment reach the trillion dollar mark? Only time will tell. Regardless, we still doubt all this money alleviates the sting from the ever-looming Facebook debacle.

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  • Source: The Verge
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