The desire for throwback waxed canvas bags seems to show no slow down. Where many wrote off the heritage movement as a passing niche trend of the early 2010s, the market shows different. Those in the status quo are now the prized consumer, and they're certainly responsible for the lion's share of new awareness about locally-made things.

Colorado's Winter Session is a label that operates as a small player but has potential to capitalize on this new consumer. Its field bag, made in accord with Journeyman & Co., takes a classic military staple and makes it ready for use today.

All of the hallmarks of heritage-wear are here: 20 oz waxed canvas, Horween leather on the base - all in all a solid example of a bag that tells a story.

Best of all, 10% of bag sales are donated to IAVA (Iraq & Afghanistan Veterans of America), a non-profit committed to improving veterans’ futures.

Pick yours up for $300 through Winter Session.

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