Just a few months after opening a brand spanking new flagship store in New York's SoHo neighborhood, Woolrich launches a new installation and collaboration that makes it all the more worth it to stop by. In addition to the famed Snow Room — a giant, indoor people freezer that allows you to test heavy-duty outerwear in the kind of temperatures where quality counts — Woolrich teamed up with SoCal-based artist Joshua Vides on a holiday-themed installation and six custom parkas.

Vides, known for his black-and-white works largely done with permanent markers and whited-out spaces, combines trompe l'oeil techniques with a hand-drawn street art sensibility. For this project, he was inspired by the concept of a typical holiday home, replete with hot cocoa by the tree, a roaring fireplace with a stocking hung above, and a cozy couch decked out in Woolrich's trademark plaid in an appropriate black-and-white colorway.

That same sentiment also informs Vides' custom Woolrich Gore-Tex Storm Parkas, which range from serene depictions of fir trees, vibrant bonfires, and gradient night skies to more macabre graphics like a ribcage and spine emblazoned on a stark white coat. Retailing for $1,500 each, all the proceeds from the collaboration will be donated to The Bowery Mission.

And of course, if you're considering copping one of the pricey exclusive coats, there's no need to step outside to see how warm it'll keep you. Just head into the Woolrich Snow Room and have them take the temperature all the way down to -4 degrees Fahrenheit (-20 Celsius).

Check out the Woolrich Snow Room and Joshua Vides installation at the Woolrich store in Soho at 121 Wooster Street.

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