Ever dreamt of a pizza so legendary that you could munch on it for days on end? If so, Big Mama’s & Papa’s Pizzeria of LA has a little something for you — scratch that — a big something for you.

Introducing the world’s largest deliverable pizza, a pie so colossal that it takes multiple people to make and deliver.

Dubbed the “Giant Sicilian,” the mammoth creation spans 54 inches by 54 inches and is cut into 200 square slices. The pizza is basically almost the size of your bed, as it can in turn feed anywhere from 50 to 70 people.

With a price tag of $250 USD, we think that’s pretty reasonable considering one pie could satisfy a small army.

For more on the Giant Sicilian, follow on over to Big Mama’s & Papa’s.

So, anybody hungry?

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Not NYC, not LA.