While big screen smartphones are currently the norm, contrasting that is the tiny t1 from Zanco, which is officially the world's smallest mobile phone.

Weighing lighter than a coin and simply smaller than the size of your thumb, the tiny t1 essentially serves as an ideal backup, emergency phone, or companion when traveling light.

Compatible with nano SIM cards and operating on the 2G network, the device can be used to talk and text with its built-in speaker, microphone, and fully functioning keyboard. Other key features are its 12.5mm OLED screen and a micro USB charging port that provides battery for up to three days or 180 minutes of talk time.

For a further look and additional details on the Zanco tiny t1, be sure to read further details (and possibly even back the project) on Kickstarter.

In other tech news, Apple is reportedly being sued after slowing down iPhones.

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