There was a time not too distant where the typical home was outfitted with a stereo console. Stereo consoles, also know as HiFi cabinets, were centerpieces of entertainment in living rooms well before the dawn of portable Bluetooth speakers and digital music, products that have come to replace consoles and audio components in response to the ease of digital music. The movement into digital left most consoles to be a relic of a bygone era, but San Diego's Wren HiFi is just one of many companies looking to bring back the experience.

Wren HiFi's M1 Console is a throwback to the days when vinyl records were king. Handcrafted in California, the M1 cabinet is outfitted with a turntable and knob controls in the all-familiar aluminum look of 1970s HiFi consoles. Front loading speakers sit flush in the cabinet finished in American Holly, Eucalyptus, Maple and Bocote. The Wren HiFi M1 is far from dated when placed in the modern home -- on the contrary, it reminds us of how important music is, and how it should remain.

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