It’s been a good week to be a Wu-Tang Clan fan. It was exciting enough to have the infamous rare album Once Upon a Time in Shaolin slightly released from the clutches of owner Martin Shkreli, but now comes news just as invigorating straight from the RZA himself. Wu Wear, the iconic clothing brand of the Clan, is being resurrected.

Initially unveiled way back in 1995, Wu Wear would go on to be one of the first and most influential hip-hop clothing lines, even finding its way into Macy’s upon its release. The brand was discontinued in 2008, and the near-decade since has been rife with knock-offs and all manner of nefarious online shopping ploys.

The pirating of their brand inevitably played a role in RZA’s decision to enlist Live Nation to help bring Wu Wear back, but the full line launch taking place next year will sync up perfectly with the 25th anniversary of Wu-Tang’s seminal classic Enter the Wu-Tang (36 Chambers). “Now that we are aware and re-energized for our legacy, we felt it was the proper time to re-enter the market. Not in a boutique way, but to go big, once again” RZA said.

Check out some of the pieces below, and head over to Wu Wear’s website to stay in the loop.

In other music news, JAY-Z has shared another footnotes video behind his new album ‘4:44.’ Watch it right here.

  • Cover Image: Rick Kern / Stringer / Getty Images
  • Product Imagery: Live Nation
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