A proper chair is pivotal to office productivity, which is why companies like X-Chair invest so much time and effort designing models such as the X4 Executive Leather Chair. X4 Executive is designed to move with your body in order to increase blood flow, and ultimately, productivity.

The silhouette boasts a noticeably sleek look, coming complete with floating infinite recline technology that helps your body stay in motion throughout the day. You can then adjust the chair to properly adhere to your specific weight and shape.

X4 Executive also features 4-dimensional armrests, as you can quickly and conveniently change the height, depth, width and angle to what is most comfortable for you. The headrest is also adjustable in terms of height and angle.

In addition, the height of the backrest can be altered to ensure that you are fully supported and obtaining maximum comfort.

Optioned in brown leather, cognac leather and black leather, X-Chair is hosting a special Cyber Monday deal offering $150 USD off the X4 Executive Leather Chair that originally retails for $1,049 USD. Follow here for more.

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