Nintendo Switch

Microsoft plans to release Xbox Live to a range of other platforms including Nintendo Switch, Gamespot reports.

The announcement arrived during the company’s Game Developers Conference. Microsoft explained that it plans to expand its reach to more consoles, allowing players to move between operating systems. In other words, this cross-platform initiative means you’ll potentially be able to flit between iOs, Android, Switch, Xbox, and PC.

“Xbox Live is about to get MUCH bigger,” Microsoft stated. “Xbox Live is expanding from 400 million gaming devices and a reach to over 68 million active players to over two billion devices with the release of our new cross-platform XDK.”

Of course, cross-platform gaming already exists for certain franchises, like Fortnite and Minecraft. Sony is not always as cooperative with the multi-platform system, which is assumedly why PlayStation 4 is not listed in the Xbox Live system line-up. More information to follow.

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