At its height, BAPE held the crown of streetwear like no other. Since the brand was sold by founder NIGO for the bargain price of $3M (who has since moved on to a collab with adidas, new label HUMAN MADE, a café, and an auction of oddities at Sotheby's), the brand's relevance has faded to the point that its once iconic ape head and camo patterns are a rarity on streets now awash with box logos and avant-garde sportswear.

With this in mind, it's pretty hard to look favorably on an utterly bizarre collaboration with BAPE sub-label AAPE by A Bathing Ape and Microsoft's Xbox One. A limited edition console and controller sporting the once-legendary BAPE camo are offered alongside a T-shirt and tote bag bearing both brands' logos - which we're sorry to say smacks of lazy marketing teams and promiscuous licensing rather than a genuinely exciting collaborative project.

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