Microsoft's next generation gaming system with the Xbox One X officially launched this past November, but console modder Eddie Zarick has upgraded it a step further by turning it into an all-in-one portable gaming system with a 21.5" 1080p screen, built in audio, keyboard and more.

Now dubbed, "Xbook One X," this complete custom is essentially a re-housed version of the unit. With the Xbox One X equipped with a fast AMD Jaguar CPU and RX590-based GPU, making it able to output 4K resolution and play 4K Blu-ray movies with ease, the console also features an integrated laptop-style keyboard that enables you to navigate the system without pairing a controller, however, controllers work normally.

If you want one Xbook One X system in 1TB, Zarick requires a non-refundable $1,000 deposit with the full price being $2,645 (including $150 shipping) within the U.S.

For a further look and additional details, be sure to read more directly from Eddie Zarick's website.

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