Last night's Yams Day event was reportedly shut down early due to violence. As per the video below, A$AP Rocky was called off stage because of a "security issue." The video then cuts to a fight in the venue.

Another Twitter user shared a video of Rocky emerging from the smoke-filled venue, with concert-goers running out of the building behind him. The video then shows Rocky inside the venue, while someone shouts "back up."

While it's unclear what started the alleged violence, many fans shared theories that Tekashi 6ix9in caused the fight, however, the controversial rapper later posted a Facebook Live video refuting his involvement.

Others posted accounts of hearing gunfire, however, according to The NY Daily News, "the NYPD confirmed there had been a 'crowd control situation' at the Port Morris venue" but "police had no reports of gunshots."

Other fans took to Twitter to share their regrets that a concert intended to honor A$AP Yams' legacy allegedly descended into violence.

This is a developing story, check back for updates as they emerge.

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