yeenjoy studio g wagon incense holder mercedes-benz
Yeenjoy Studio

Master incense chambers craftsmen, Yeenjoy Studio, known for last years viral ACRONYM x Nike Lab Presto sculpture, unveils its latest Mercedes Benz "G Wagon" holder.

Washed out in the studio's signature washed-out blue finish to pay homage to traditional Chinese craftsmanship, the piece itself features an accurate resemblance to the stock luxury vehicle. The size of the piece has not yet been shared.

The Mercedes Benz "G Wagon" incense holder is currently $2,570 HKD, which is around $378 USD. Head over to the Woaw Store to cop now.

On this week’s episode of The Dropcast, we are joined by Hussein Suleiman and Abderr Trabsini, co-founders of Amsterdam-based fashion brand Daily Paper. The partners blend their African and Dutch cultures to create heritage-infused streetwear pieces grounded in contemporary design. Listen below.

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