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It’s hard not to have a meltdown every single day about the state of the world that we are currently living in given how everything is spiraling out of control. Aside from simply acknowledging basic human rights and treating each other with respect, the only other temporary fix to get through these hard times is music. That’s where Youth of the Apocalypse (YOTA) comes in. The six-piece is a collaboration between Gorillaz members Jeff Wootton and Seye Adelekan along with Jamie Reynolds from Klaxons, Joshua Lazarus, Jay Sharrock and Twiggy Garcia.

Today, we’re premiering the experimental band’s mind blowing music video for their MF Doom-assisted single “Drop the Bomb.” In an email to Highsnobiety, director Denholm Hewlett explained how the striking visual—which takes shocking imagery from the past to mirror the present—transmits a powerful message about “mankind’s long, harrowing history of odious violence and senseless destruction and how we clearly haven’t learned anything from all the pointless and atrocious acts of warfare, invasion and genocide that have been committed and experienced over the years.”

“It feels like we are currently living in a new era of nuclear uncertainty, a modern day cold war, the anxiety and tensions surrounding global superpowers and their destructive capabilities is on the edge of everyone’s minds,” he said. “This video is an anti-war and anti-bomb statement that asks the question ‘How much death, grief, fear and chaos will it take for us to finally wake up and start focusing on the bigger picture? When will the governments of the world give up their precious nuclear weapons and their tedious war games and actually attempt to repair the catastrophic damage that’s been inflicted on us and the planet?’ We need real love, support and understanding for one another now more than ever before.”

“Drop the Bomb” will be featured on YOTA’s debut mixtape due out on FADER LABEL. Escape from you reality and dive into the madness within the video below.

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Words by Sydney Gore
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