If “the Mondays” were a person they’d probably be something like Yung Lean. As if by some pre-ordained fate, Noisey dropped its latest “The People Vs” episode featuring the full-time Sadboy this Monday, aka the saddest day of the week. In the four-minute segment a fake-blood-accessorized Lean scrolls through some of the most biting and most complimentary comments left under his music videos.

Aside from speculation about his potential weight gain, Lean also fields comments about his incompetence with a shovel. There’s also a bit of debate about whether he is or isn’t a masturbatory fantasy in a floral dresses, as well as the origins of Kush. For an Eeyore-esque, ever-sad rapper he handles the roasting pretty well. Press play to enjoy.

Now take a look at a complete breakdown of Yung Lean’s aesthetic.  

Words by Stephanie Smith-Strickland