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Our dearly beloved Young Thug decided to give us a present on his birthday – a new album called Slime Language. Earlier this month, Thugger gifted music publications real live snakes to reveal details about the new project, which is easily the most exciting press release anyone in music journalism has ever received. Our snake was called Slatt, and he has since been safely released into the wild, so that he could live his best life.

Anyway! To return the favor, in celebration of Young Thug’s birthday and the impending release of Slime Language, we thought we’d share some of our favorite Jeffrey songs and tell you how much they mean to us. As you’ll soon see below, some of us are so passionate about the Atlanta rapper that we couldn’t bear to choose just one song. From 2011 deep mixtape cuts to Future and Young Thug’s recent collaborative tape Super Slimey, the Highsnobiety staff wax poetic about their favorite Young Thug tracks below.

“2 B’s (Danny Glover)”

As an ATL native, there’s no artist I’m prouder of claiming than Thugger. “Danny Glover” was EVERYWHERE in Atlanta when it released, and was instrumental in his rise to stardom. This track was years ahead of it’s time in 2013, and I still don’t think we’ve caught up to him quite yet. – Austin Rose

“2 Cups Stuffed”

I had heard this song during my freshman year of university, which later became my turn up anthem before it has been replaced with “Type of Way” by Rich Homie Quan. It was something new to my ear, as Thugga’s high-pitched voice was rather unique at the time. Not sure if I would’ve taken him seriously if Gucci Mane wouldn’t have signed him to 1017 Brick Squad Records, but he did, so thank you, Trap God. – Sanzhar Toxanbayev

“Constantly Hating” ft. Birdman

“Constantly Hating” is just so perfectly Young Thug — the vocal melodies, wavy synth patterns and huge bass thuds, it sounds just as good in your earphones on your morning commute as it does on a club system. This song is Rich Gang-era Thugger at his best, though it could’ve done without the Birdman verse tbh. – Shane Gormley


The beauty of Young Thug’s discography is his ability to bend sounds and words into a melody that transcends the instrumental. This Slime Season 3 standout is a prime example of Thugger just doing whatever the fuck he wants to the English language and making it sound beautiful. – Austin Rose


“Drippin” is probably one of my favourite Young Thug tracks. Taken from his 2016 mixtape Slime Season 3, “Drippin” hones in everything that makes Thugger’s voice so listenable, with some unrivalled production from Allen Riter. For me, it maximizes on Thug’s sound in the best possible way, combining his primal screams, “post-verbal” bars, legitamately soulful verses and amusing ad-libs. – Max Grobe

“Family Don’t Matter” ft. Millie Go Lightly

Sign me up for literally any song featuring Thugger crooning “YEEHAW!” in a Southern twang over an acoustic guitar. “Family Don’t Matter” showcases just how one-of-a-kind Young Thug is – no other rapper in the game could pull this off. – Austin Rose

“Guwop” ft. Quavo, Offset & Young Scooter

This is basically the essence of modern Southern hip-hop with a full Atlanta lineup of Quavo, Offset, and Young Scooter aiding Thugger on a sleek track. – Anders Schans


The entire No, My Name Is JEFFERY album was a great concept, with each song named after one of Thugger’s idols. I love how “Harambe” is soothing, melodic, and hype all at the same time, while simultaneously alluding to 2016’s iconic tragedy-turned-meme. – Fabian Gorsler

Future & Young Thug – “Mink Flow”

I’m surprised at myself that I would look to such a recent outing as my favorite Young Thug song (one that is equally a Future song at that), but the heart wants what the heart wants. The subdued beat is a sublime (super sublimey?) canvas on which Thugger coos one of his most affecting autotune hooks to date. It pierces my soul, and reminds me each time I listen to that he is indeed one of hip-hop’s most uniquely gifted craftsmen. – Jake Boyer

“My People”

“My People” from the 2016 album I’m UP is the perfect balance between rapping Thugger, singing Thugger and spiced up with a South American-inspired beat – Any track where you compare yourself to a seagull is a glorious track.” – Anders Schans

Future & Young Thug – “Patek Water” ft. Offset

Young Thug on his own is good and Future on his own is also great, but the two of them together is absolute bliss. Thugger’s high-pitched sing-songy vibe blends seamlessly with Future’s deep, panty-dropping tone. I still can’t really figure out what Patek Water is but heck, I’d guzzle it. – Naina Kamath

“Thief in the Night” ft. Trouble

It’s quite fascinating to see Jeffrey’s progression throughout the years, and “Thief in the Night” is a worthy highlight of his character arc. Featuring Atlanta’s rapper Trouble, this song caused nothing but trouble (in a good way) every time it ended up in a que of a Spotify playlist at a function. Just like a thief in the night, Young Thug has stolen my heart again. – Sanzhar Toxanbayev


Probably the first Young Thug song I ever laid my ears on, it is without a doubt one of the most pure rap songs ever created. The production by WeArePlanet9 is incredibly on-point, with gently rattling percussion and twinkling synths. This is Thugger on some Lil B wave type shit, and I am extremely down. Jeffrey, if you’re reading this, my Twitter handle is @biancagiulione – Bianca Giulione

“With That” ft. Duke

I don’t know how I missed this gem, but I actually never heard this until about 2 years ago. I first heard it at a party in Denver and almost everyone knew the lyrics. I had to go YouTube this real quick once I got home and just like that, I was hooked. Plus, the video is crazy as fuck. Best Young Thug song ever! – Feleg Tesema

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