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Young Thug makes the internet a better place, that goes without saying. From outlandish costumes to asking people to call him “SEX,” the Atlanta rapper has had more than his share of meme-worthy moments. Bizarrely, though, it’s a photo of Young Thug looking serious and focused that’s now taken the internet by storm.

In the picture, Thugger is seen next to fellow rapper Lil Durk, staring intently at a screen. It seems to be a shot of the pair hard at work in the studio (hooray for us), but Twitter never misses the chance to fire up a fresh meme, turning even the most mundane thing into something hilarious.

Naturally, we’ve got the best Twitter takes on the Thugger and Durk meme. Check them out below and let us know your favorites in the comments.

Did anyone actually know how to play this game?

President Thug

A Savage take

Stay in school, kids

We’ve all been there

E3 2019?

I said what I said

Quick, call the service desk

It’s a team effort

Thug’s a true polymath

’90s Windows flashbacks

Waiting on the drop

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