Young Thug’s JEFFERY was among the best albums of 2016, hitting multiple end of year lists (including our own) and catapulting him to new levels of stardom. Now, in a victory lap of sorts, Thugger has shared a music video for the album’s opening track “Wyclef Jean.” And it also happens to be one of the most self-aware pieces of metaphysical video art in… maybe ever. Oh, and Young Thug isn’t actually in it that much because he didn’t show up to the shoot.

Engineered by the video’s directors Pomp&Clout, the visual is told through a series of texts explaining the truly bizarre situation. Thug requested an elaborate set-up for the video, one that ended up costing around $100,000. And other than a voicemail explaining his wishes (kept intact in the video), he neglected to actually come film it. Though he did film himself on a cell phone eatching Cheetos for a few seconds, which is his only appearance.

The rest of the video is somehow just as insane. There is a squadron of fierce women riding kiddie-cars around a lush Hollywood neighborhood, police officers who are actual children, and people eating hot dogs the way that Lady and the Tramp ate spaghetti. It’s a lot, but this is Young Thug we’re talking about.

But despite the success the video is currently enjoying, many involved wondered if it was nothing but a complete disaster. In a new interview with Rolling Stone, Pomp&Clout member and main director Ryan Staake opened up that he felt he “was a shell of a director afterwards. I was not optimistic about the future of the video.” Thankfully, for us all, he ended up making a true masterpiece.

Revisit the video for “Pick Up the Phone” featuring Travis Scott and Quavo below.

In other music news, Wizkid has reteamed with Drake (you know, the duo behind that song “One Dance”) for a track called “Hush Up the Silence.” Listen to it right here.

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