Y/Project is on the tip of everyone's tongue in Paris right now. The label has wowed the fashion circuit with its sleazy, low-brow vibes and witty deconstructivism, earning many (well deserved) comparisons to Vetements.

Where Vetements is all about gothy ironic normcore, though, Y/Project is an outrageous celebration of fashion at its most ridiculous. Previous Y/Project shows have been in an underground gay club (FW16) and a party boat (SS17), but this time around we entered a gloomy Parisian bar called Le Globo, clutching invites that compared Eminem to Napoleon Bonaparte (jokes).

Y/Project FW17 took garments everyone loves and distorted them beyond recognition. Tracksuits were warped and twisted, suits and shirts were cut in half and left hanging off the arm, and trucker jackets buttoned all the way down the sleeve. In among all the acrobatic cuts and crazy silhouettes were a few easy-to-buy pieces, though.

Y/Project's triple-zippered bomber, which can be zipped apart at the sleeves and back, appeared in new colors - purple was a big vibe — while hilarious football scarves gave shout outs to Louis XIV and Marie Antoinette.

Y/Project's stuff is nuts, but it's funny and strangely sexy. You'll be seeing a lot more of this brand in seasons to come.

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