Barcelona-based artworks and upcycling firm Bel & Bel introduces its latest project with the Z-Scooter, the first self-balancing scooter design inspired by renowned Italian aeronautical engineer Corradino D’Ascanio and his iconic Vespa motor scooter.

Composed of high quality materials and a solid structure, the Z-Scooter is a conversion kit, as the internals and mechanics are provided by NineBot, a subsidiary company of Segway, which introduced the two-wheeled, self-balancing personal transporter. Additionally, it's equipped with a TESLA Model S super lithium battery, and fitted with a touch activated adjustable light system.

The Z-Scooter can easily be handled in different situations as well, as it can be disassembled in two pieces for easy transport and storage. Its compact size makes the scooter a solid alternative amongst other brands, and a variety of different color decorative covers are offered, ranging from dark to light tones.

Furthermore, the Z-Scooter acts intuitively following your body movements, and the self-balancing vehicle is able to drive through different grounds like urban pavement, road, grass and any uneven surface, with the aid of Michelin vibration reduction technology tires.

Priced at approximately $6,988 USD, you can peep the instructional video below to see how it works in action.

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