Disney's live-action Aladdin movie has sparked a plethora of opinions, but there's no denying that it might be one of the most exciting moments in popular culture. There's something thrilling about watching an animation that so many of us dearly loved come to life in a whole new format.

One of the major highlights of the original film is when Aladdin and Jasmine break out into "A Whole New World" and get whisked away on a magic carpet ride. Today, Zayn and Zhavia Ward take their own shot at the duet with a cover that will give you all the chills. The accompanying visual offers a modern spin on the love story as the singers charmingly find their way to each other in an urban landscape.

Aladdin officially premieres in theaters on May 24. Immerse yourself in this majestic world through the video above.

In other news, we paid a visit to Europe’s oldest porcelain factory — Germany’s Meissen, who brought us Supreme’s $4,000 Cupid figurine. Watch below.

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