Auralee – named after an American folk song meaning ‘the land that lights up’ – was founded in 2015 by designer Ryota Iwai after he honed his craft at Tokyo’s prestigious Bunka Fashion College. The label offers sophisticated yet functional wardrobe staples that are produced entirely in Japan from premium materials sourced from all over the world.

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Auralee finds beauty in subtlety. Here, you won’t come across over the top brand narratives or bold flashy clothing. The Japanese label is driven by the evolving traditional notions of minimalism. Its garments and color palettes are gentle, always thoughtfully placed on the cusp of sophistication and comfort. Collections are streamlined, with only the most essential pieces produced, and with textiles always taking center-stage. Consciously-sourced wools and cottons make up the brand’s earthy winter coats, fluffy knitwear, versatile oversized trousers. Auralee will quickly find a home in your rotation. The brand was launched in 2015 by Ryota Iwai. Before starting Auralee the young designer began studying at the prestigious Bunka Fashion College eventually developing an obsession with garment design. Produced entirely in Japan, Iwai has worked to construct clothing using the highest-quality fabrics. Each collection by Auralees begins with extensive research into textiles and raw materials, sourcing them locally and from all around the world. This R&D helps inspire the label’s designs with Iwai stating that, “Ideas come to me through the feel of the various materials and textures I source.” Auralee is not interested in immediate trends. Mindful-timelessness is closer to the brand’s mission and its clothing reflects that. Silhouettes are sensible, functional, and impeccably constructed. A simple jersey-pullover of tonal plaid overshirt is designed to enhance its wearers individuality and convey an heir of relaxed simplicity. Auralee designs some of the best long-lasting, high-quality wardrobe staples.