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Who is Daniel Arsham?

Daniel Arsham is a New York-based artist who has grown into a long-standing cultural icon, revered and celebrated for “fictional archeology” art medium. Arsham uses a mixture of sculpture, architecture, drawing, and film to crystallize ambiguous in-between spaces or situations. His art has straddled the realms of streetwear, techwear, and industrial design.


How old is Daniel Arsham?

Daniel Arsham is 42 years old.


What is Daniel Arsham's instagram?

What is Daniel Arsham famous for?

Daniel Arsham has made a career making works that reference leftovers from our nostalgic culture, like Pokémon, vintage cars, and Bart Simpson. A show at Galerie Ron Mandos in 2019 featured plaster casts of a Mickey Mouse figure that had been wrapped in cloth and rope, while a show in 2018 at Galerie Perrotin in New York featured a full-sized plaster cast of the Delorean from Back to the Future.


Who has Daniel Arsham collaborated with?

Daniel Arsham has collaborated with Dior, Rimowa, Tiffany’s, Kith, adidas, Uniqlo, and XIAOMI.


What are Daniel Arsham's Latest Collaborations?

The list of things that Daniel Arsham has turned into what he refers to as “fictional archeology” is ever-expanding. We’ve seen the artist use his signature style on Porsche sports cars, Pokémon characters, basketballs, and the latest item to be decorated with his eroding aesthetic is a smartphone.

Daniel Arsham’s Tiffany basketball
Stone Island & Daniel Arsham’s Porsche off-roader
Daniel Arsham & Rimowa Eroded Turntable in Pilot Case
Xiaomi 12T Pro Daniel Arsham Edition
Daniel Arsham’s Uniqlo pokémon capsule


How much does Daniel Arsham” and “Xiaomi 12T Pro cost?

€899 ($949)


Where can I buy Xiaomi 12T Pro Daniel Arsham Edition?

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Daniel Arsham is born in Cleveland, Ohio September 8, 1980. However he spent part of his childhood in Miami, Florida. Eventually, he attended the Design and Architecture High School and was awarded a full scholarship to The Cooper Union in New York City.


2003 - 2005

Daniel Arsham is awarded Gelman Trust Fellowship Award.

Gallerie Perrotin begins to represent Daniel Arsham.





Daniel Arsham founds the art & architecture studio, Snarkitecture.



Daniel Arsham founds the film company, Films of the Future, and inevitably creates a series of good films, including a collaboration with adidas.


2020 - 2022

Daniel Arsham dug up Tiffany’s latest treasures.

Daniel Arsham’s XIAOMI phone is a sculpture you can text from, you can cop it at the Highsnobiety shop.

Arsham makes an appearance on our Front Page magazine.

The artist drops a decomposed turntable for part of his collaboration with luggage.

Stone Island & Daniel Arsham have created a Porshe Off-Roader.

Arsham rethinks the artist uniform.

Daniel Arsham launches his first ever real-time NFT.

We can afford the new Daniel Arsham IKEA collab.



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