HQNew York, USA
FounderJon Buscemi

There simply aren’t any other independent brands doing what Buscemi is doing right now. Founded by sneaker designer and the co-founder of Gourmet, Jon Buscemi, the eponymous brand handcrafts eye-catching premium leather sneakers with 18K gold lock hardware, and sells pairs anywhere from around $1,000 to even $132,000—all depending on the quality and type of materials used. Inspired by Hermès' Birkin bag, Buscemi’s signature sneaker is the luxurious 100MM, which debuted in 2013 sporting high-end leathers, 18K gold embellishments, and a decorative lock similar to a Birkin bag’s closure. Despite doing little to no advertising and lacking a real brand logo for consumers to lock into, the outrageous, ultra-luxe look and feel of Buscemi’s sneakers keep buyers coming back for more. So long as the brand continues to create elegant, tasteful, limited-run never-before-seen styles of footwear steeped in the finest materials, Buscemi sneakers will keep selling out worldwide, no matter the price point. How long does a pair of Buscemi shoes take to make? It takes approximately 20 to 24 hours to handcraft a single pair of Buscemi sneakers. Working with Italian calf leather and gold locks takes time, but it’s the details that brings the manufacturing process to nearly a whole day. Edges of the sneaker are hand-painted, the leather laces are hand-sawn, and the sneaker’s stitch applique is so particular that it strings out the manufacturing time. Excellence can’t be rushed though, so the time-consuming process virtually ensures a consistent product that lives up to the price tag. Where are Buscemi sneakers made? The sneakers are made by artisans in Civitanova, Italy. Leathers are sourced from tanneries all around Europe and Japan. Buscemi Timeline 2013 — Buscemi launches at a capsule show in Paris. The first batch of the 100MM, coming in at only 600 pairs, debuts at five stores around the world, and quickly sells out sans any traditional advertising. The brand also collaborates with Collette on the 125MM silhouette. 2014 — Rapper 2 Chainz shouts out Buscemi in the song “Trap Back,” boasting, “You know I’m rocking Buscemi’s, and I’m as raw as sashimi.” The brand collaborates with Ronnie Fieg, Swarovski, and Union. 2015 — Private equity firm Lion Capital invests an undisclosed amount into the company. 2016 — Buscemi opens up a flagship story in New York City. At the center of the store’s grand opening is a 11.50 karat diamond-encrusted 100MM, which retails for $132,000 and sells to an anonymous buyer. Buscemi Related Articles What the Buscemi 100MM Taught Us About Branding The 6 Sneakers Footwear Designer Jon Buscemi Is Wearing Right Now